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Published on November 7, 2005 By Drengin In PC Gaming

Galciv II Fansites

With the website here still under construction i feel it would be a good idea for the time being to add this section for members to add there respective fansite's/forum links.


Please add your website url and a short description on what members can expect to find there!


I have added this to the PC Gaming area so not to distract from the Beta testing in the main forums.


Darth Griffin

on Nov 07, 2005

The Galactic Core

The Galactic Core forums are the new home for the old diplomats-empire forums! Revamped, redesigned and with a much more user-friendly look these forums contain sections for Galciv1, Galciv2 and many more games.

Included in the forums you will find many of the mods made for GC1, a Help & Support area for game issues and hardware issues, game reviews, software links, competitions, polls, our renowned ADR RPG game and much, much more.

You will find amongst the members who are frequent posters the infamous GC1 legend Technician and many other top players..

Be sure to stop by soon and say hi!



on Nov 08, 2005
Legend you are going to make me blush
on Nov 16, 2005
You are the legend buddy!! Darth, I Love the new look of tyour website and if I may say, (One more time) it is about time you actually added forums for games!

NeoTech Gaming Network is a Galactic Civlization Series Fansite

Supporting many other games providing something for everyone! Our focus is game modding with tools and we offer free hosting of your Mod with forums at our site no charge to you and/or website space if needed! Find great conversation and meet some good people at NeoTech! We also offer computer and game help with a professional Computer Technician available for advice and help! NeoTech is your one stop source for all your gaming needs. Stop in and meet the gang!!